Why is it that I am so logical and everything has to be planned out? I am still new to this blogging thing and I decided today to take a different approach. So hang in there with me…as I test the waters.

Today I awoke to the drumming rain on the roof. What a nice sound. Even though the sun is hidden by storm clouds, the rain is comforting in an even sort of way. It would stop, then sprinkle light drops here & there through the trees and then all out pour. These are comforting sounds especially when you are lying under the covers, in a soft bed & pondering whether to get up & get going or lie there and enjoy the sounds of nature. Since I didn’t have to get out of bed to head to work, I chose to lay there and pray for all those dear to me & ‘count my blessings’. As the rain and my prayers ebbed and flowed for each item I lifted up to God, who controls the wind & the rain, I decided it was time to get up & get something done. Yet, as I reflect back on the morning, I rather enjoyed the quiet moments with God this morning. And I expect, He did, too.

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