Do you ever sigh? I find myself sighing at times. It seems I sigh for different reasons: bored with tasks, overwhelmed with tasks or even relieved that some task is completed. Scripture often talks about God hearing us or the writer asking God to hear us but did you know that ‘sighing’ is in scripture too?

Psalm 5:1 says, “Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my sighing”.

I studied this verse earlier this summer and the sighing phrase caught my eye. Since then, I have found myself taking note when I am sighing and reflecting on why I was sighing. And then asked God to ‘consider that sigh’ and prayed for direction on the tasks that needed to be done or thanking Him for the strength for the tasks completed. The next time you sigh – think about how God could be considered in your sighing throughout your days and turn that time into prayers and/or praise. You will be blessed …. in even your sighing.
Originally written: 7/14/11

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