Today, my husband, Dave, and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  In today’s age of divorces and people not making long commitments to each other, that is a an accomplishment.  Being that it is the silver anniversary, I thought I’d check out why silver was so special…my guess is it has to do with the longevity of the relationship and reaching a significant milestone.  In reading Wikipedia, the anniversary years are named to “provide guidance for appropriate or traditional gifts for the spouses to give each other”.  This tradition is believed to have started in medieval Germany and if a couple made it (meaning lived…not necessarily divorced!) to their 25th anniversary, then they are presented with a silver wreath to signify the “good fortune that had prolonged the lives of the couple for so many years” (  So, my thought wasn’t too far off, but I did learn something new about the gifts over the years…and I found it interesting that after you make it to 25, then the gifts are every 5 years, instead of yearly.  What does that mean?  Gifts are not necessary after 25?  Or you needed the gifts up until then to ‘keep you going’?  It makes one wonder….I digress.  Any who…thinking about ‘silver’ on this day reminded me of how I had read about ‘silver’ in the book of Proverbs this summer.  Silver is mentioned 6 times in Proverbs and 2/3’s of the time, silver is in reference to wisdom or instruction.   A couple of references, both in chapter 8, are the ones that intrigue me the most.    Proverbs 8:19 says, “My fruit is better than fine gold; what I yeld surpasses choice silver”.  The fruit in this verse is referring to wisdom and how it is so much better than gold and the blessings we get from wisdom surpasses (it is over the top!) better than the best silver.  And  earlier in this chapter, verse 11b says that “nothing you desires compares with her”.  If I desire choice silver (which silver in this case is a great job, wonderful friends, fantastic kids and the most awesome husband), this doesn’t even compare to wisdom and the blessings that flow from having wisdom.  And since I have all the ‘silver’ items….a great job, wonderful friends, fantastic kids and the most awesome husband, the only thing I should desire now is wisdom……and yet, obtaining it is hard to do.  God, like the silversmith, has to keep ‘taking away the dross’ (removing the bad or unnecessary stuff) from my life so He has ‘material for a vessel’ (Prov 25:4).  A vessel that God can use for His Glory instead of me cluttering it up with other ‘silver’ things that hinder me from gaining wisdom and the blessings that I will receive.  Some of this seems like it is so far off and over my head….in the mean time, TODAY, I celebrate the ‘silver’ in my life and am most thankful for my husband and the 25 years we have had together!  Love you, honey!


  1. Wow. Love the ending of this post about why stuff comes and goes. It gave me a great perspective and much to think about. Thank you.

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