Today, I attended a technical briefing at the uptown Apple store for work. For being a PC fan for many years, it was an “i” opening experience. Entering this store was like entering ‘candyland’ for anyone who is crazy for anything ‘apple’ – MacBook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, iPhones and iPads. It was definitely sensory overload! Then onto the technical briefing room with big flat screens (2) on each end of the room and one large screen which happened to be behind me. All of us had an iPad in front of us with the presentation on it as well. I was very impressed with my ‘apple’ experience and from my security perspective, I was happy with what I heard.  God tells us that we are to “guard my teachings as the apple of your eye”.  Proverbs 7:2b  The term ‘apple of my eye’ usually means that one is cherished above others ( ).   Think about where the eye is …right in the front of the head….usually the first thing we notice about someone is their eyes (or at least I do).  The eyes are front and center and God’s Word should be front and center with a love that is cherished above all others.  So…back to the Apple store…does this mean ‘Apple’ is now front and center and the ‘apple’ of my eye for laptops, tablets or phones??  Well, not quite yet.  But let’s just say….I was impressed to the core.

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