I got to the door and the sign said, “occupied”.  That is what I found when I trapsed across the field to the porta potty.  That word is not good to see when you really gotta go!  The smell of these units are way less than appealing but very necessary for them to be unoccupied when you are in need of one.  I thot about my porta potty dilemma this morning when I was in Sunday school because we had encountered the word ‘unoccupied’ in our study.  The occupancy in this case was an evil spirit occupying a ‘house’.  It had been cast out and returned to find “the house unoccupied, clean and put in order” (Mt. 12:44).   Then the spirit returned “with seven more spirits more wicked than itself and the final condition of the man is worse than the first” (Mt. 12:45).  What is interesting to note here is the definition of  occupancy according to Merriam Webster is “to take up a place or space; to reside in or as an owner or tennant”.  The man had the evil spirit as a tennant or living within him but when Jesus cast the evil spirit out, the man didn’t replace the tennant with a new and much better tennant.  We today as Christians know that once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us…take up tenancy there. (Jn 7:39).  This is a promise that has been happening since the day of Pentecost.  Prior to this, a person had put his faith in God or Jesus and God’s presence in their faith was the tennant.  Our discussion centered around that when Jesus had cast the evil spirit out, the man didn’t have faith occupying the space so the spirit returned with some friends to inhabit the house once more.  So my question to you today is who or what occupies you or your ‘house’?  Are you filled with the Holy Spirit, working on living the kind of righteous life the Lord desires or is your house swept clean, unoccupied and ready for a tennant that will destroy you inside and out?  If you don’t know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the peace and freedom that a living a life in Christ can have, I encourage you to call 1-888-NeedHIM or go to needhim.org today!

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