It seems like time has flown by.  In a little over a week, my baby will turn 20 years old and my oldest will be 22 just three weeks after that. It seems like it happened in a ‘blink’ ….my kids were babies and now I will no longer have teenagers but young adults. I remember once when the kids were little – possibly 3 and 1.  Dave must have been frustrated that day since little ones take a lot of your energy….he said, “ I cannot wait until they are teenagers!”  I told him, “Don’t say that. Let’s enjoy how old they are now because there is so much to enjoy now.”  Yes, there are challenging days when your kids are little, demanding your attention…but it is all worth it. They learn from you by watching how you love on them or even on your not so patient days. I loved it as the kids got older, don’t get me wrong. They were more independent. They could pick out their clothes, get dressed by themselves and entertain themselves. I actually preferred the older years and even into the teens which I attribute to my love and passion for youth aged kids. But early on, I realized how much they each grew in that first two years and that I needed to enjoy the new things they learned and celebrate those accomplishments with them. Did I have my frustrating days too? Certainly! There were days that I wanted to give up and declare that I was not fit to be a mother or a wife. But God was with me and helped me get through those tough
days. It seems like the last 22 years has happened in a blink.  “Blink”, a song by Revive is what has gotten me thinking about this topic lately.  I
love the chorus and the refrain after it towards the end of the song:

It happens in a blink

It happens in a flash

It happens in the time it took to look back

I try to hold on tight but there is no stopping time

What have I done with my life.

Slow down— before our day becomes our yesterday

Slow down —before you turn around and it’s too late.

Slow down.  Take an inventory of your days…don’t keep looking back…Remember don’t blink…enjoy the days you have with them each and every day!

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