‘I owe my mom another apology’. A friend of mine and I have talked about this topic over the years as our kids have grown. Not being specific about anything – but during the little disappointments here and there in life, we see how history has repeated itself in our kids and now we see the world in the eyes of our mothers from years ago.  It is painful to see things happening before your eyes – the exact same thing that you did to your mother years ago and you had no clue that you were even doing it.  Why do we do this to ourselves – both as the kid and the parent?  Thinking back – I felt that I had a right to do whatever I wanted and they had to start letting me go.  Since I didn’t live there anymore, I didn’t have to listen to ‘everything’ they said.  I knew I had to listen to some things since they were helping with the college fees but that didn’t mean I had to listen to all of their ‘wisdom’.  Looking back, it was rebellious and selfish – these are the dear ones who had loved me and raised me since before I was born.  Now as a parent…. I feel like I am looking in a mirror and I feel the pain that my mother felt years ago.  Oh, how our heavenly Father must feel the same way when we disappoint Him!  He grieved that He made man because of their wicked ways (Gen 6:6) and had a flood cover the earth.  Thankfully, God had mercy on us and set the rainbow as a sign of  his promise to us that He would never again flood the earth (Gen. 9:15). So as a mom what is my response?  I have to keep letting them go but continue to be encouraging and wise when needed and stand firm on the important issues.   Those important issues need to be important and not simply how I think it should be done.  AND… keep apologizing to my mom for the hurt I caused so many years ago…somehow like God, she keeps forgiving me.

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