I hate resolutions. I really do. It seems like whenever I pick one, I fail at it. So every year people are so happy about the ‘new year’ and wish people a happy new year & ask what their resolutions are. So the last few years, I have been crabby on new year’s eve & think ‘big deal’…one day it is one year & then the next day, it is the next year. Big deal. Or is it? Resolutions are an opportunity for us to take a look at ourselves and pick an area that we need to improve on. That really isn’t that bad of an idea to change yourself for the better.  We jump into the new year and promise that we are going to do it this time….lose weight, exercise more, read the Bible more, and on and on. Then after a few weeks…we give up & say, ahh, what’s the use.  It is just too hard to change.

Last week, I heard about a website, http://myoneword.org, that you focus on one word for the year. Usually our focus is on what we want to become for the year and the idea on the One Word website is that the focus is on what God would want us to become. You have the month of January to pray about that ‘one word’ and then on Feb 1st, you start working on it. So I am on a quest to figure out what my ‘one word’ is.  I have thought in this last week about the word ‘consistency’ ….that I will be more consistent in exercise, reading my Bible, and blogging more consistently.  But is this the characteristic that God would want me to work on?  I am not entirely sure which is why I need to pray on it a bit.  One thought I had after searching Bible Gateway for the word ‘character’ is ‘perseverance’.  Here is what I found in Romans 5:3b,4″…we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”  Perseverance has a similar ring of consistency.  I will have to pray on this some more.  What about you?  Do you have a resolution or do you want to try the “One Word” concept with me??


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