This past weekend – I would say that I have been ‘looney for looms”.  Here’s why—I have always wanted to learn how to knit.  Years ago, my grandma, took a few minutes at Christmas to show Rachel and I how to knit. I failed miserably!  I could not get the yarn go where it needed to make the ball of yarn into a beautiful scarf.  So, I gave up and crocheted the scarf instead since I had learned to crochet when I was a tween.  My daughter picked it up much easier.  Fast forward 5-6 years to now…my daughter recently decided to re-teach herself and has been knitting these beautiful winter head bands and slippers. She made it look so easy.  I had picked out some yarn and asked her to make me a headband and then I said I would crochet a scarf to match.  I started in on the scarf and it was a disaster….my rows had extra stitches and my hands hurt with every row that I crocheted.  I was about to give up once again until I remembered that I had seen a loom at the craft store a couple weeks back.  Maybe I could actually learn to knit afterall?  I didn’t know if ‘loom knitting’ was considered cheating but I was willing to try it if I could accomplish making the scarf AND have no pain as I knitted it.  Success!  I completed the scarf this last week!  It looks so nice with the headband and matches my coat perfectly as planned!

Then the looneyness started.  I was obsessed with finding my next project but I couldn’t find the exact pattern online.  I had seen this one book in the craft store but thought I didn’t need it and then ran into it online.  So the hunt for the book began….I looked at two stores on Friday on my day off as I was out shopping.  Saturday we had plasn so I had to wait until this afternoon to hunt for this book.  I went to two more craft stores and then a book store…and NO success.  The weird thing is….almost all the looms are gone in the craft stores too.  Have I hit upon a crafting craze that I didn’t know about?  I really wasn’t intending to jump on the band wagon….I was just trying to knit a scarf that matched my headband AND have the distinction of having actually knitted something.

Why is this so important to me?  It really comes down to what the writer of Ecclesiastes called, ‘chasing after the wind’.   “And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man’s envy of his neighbor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” Ecc. 4:4

I was so obessesed with being like my daughter and others who knit like there is no tomorrow that I had to chase down this book in four different suburbs of the Twin Cities looking for it!  The other insane part about this looneyness is that I have other irons in the fire that I really don’t have time to ‘tend to my knittin’.

So will I give up this ‘looneyness for looms’ and keep on track with my other tasks?  For now.  This looneyness did make me think about how insane I was being while chasing this wind/loom all over town.  When will I learn that the most important thing in life is to deny myself and follow Christ?  I accepted Christ many years ago when I was 11 but this daily dying to my needs has got to make sense one of these days!  (See last weeks post about “Take up Your Cross“).

However, there is calm in the storm.  The part that I enjoyed about the knitting was that I had a short term goal and I finished it.  It seems that I have so many other projects, books, etc that are still ‘in process’.  And this one craft project was calming while doing it and I was able to do it and spend time with Dave at the same time.  So I see that loom knitting can be productive, calming and I can multi-task, which I love to do!   Dave suggested that I just buy the book online….maybe I will do that.

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