For the next few weeks, I am going to embark on doing a series. I figure…why not?   So here goes – here is a preview of what the series is about:
In life, there are many signs to follow. Do we obey the signs? Do we take a left turn, a right turn or do we yield? Do we ‘turn on our blinker’ to indicate which path we are going to take?  It all depends on whether we are following God’s lead and listening to His Holy Spirit. We know that if God let us in on the details, we wouldn’t be able to handle the results.  He gives us the answers when we are ready to hear them. Many times – there is no direction at all and we have to be okay with that.  Why?  Because we trust God for the outcome.  Sometimes, we never hear the answer or see the result – we have to totally obey the STOP sign. Again–we have to let that go & trust God with the outome.  There many Biblical charaters who lived this out….like Moses who did not get to actually walk onto land in the Promised Land.  He had to see it from a far.

Would you be able to do that?  Be promised something and then be so close to it yet don’t get to fully see it?  I have experiened something similar (not quite as spectacular as Moses) and it really hurts when you don’t get to taste that sense of victory but then God slowly unfolds some of the reasons why it didn’t happen that way.  He has His reasons…we just need to obey and trust Him for the outcome.

What about you?  Are you ready to trust God as you follow the ‘Signs’ in your life??


Check back soon….’signs’ will be posted two times a week.

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