To blink or not to blink?  Should people use their blinker when changing lanes or not?  It seems like some people don’t care whether they blink before changing lanes or not.  Sometimes I wonder if their blinker was an optional feature on their car.  A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends to give me their insights on my blinker question.

It was unanimous – everyone agrees that you need to blink: for safety reasons, it communicates your intention on what you are going to do, it’s dangerous if you don’t do it and it’s the law.  I have always thought it was the law but I had begun to wonder when I had asked those who had recently completed drivers education and they couldn’t remember this being a manditory law.

Well, news flash, I did find out that it is in fact a law.  MN Statute 169.19 (5) says: “A signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given continuously during not less than the last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning”.  (Sorry–my friends who answered from IA, WI, SD and TX…I didn’t find the exact statute from your state).

So why do people NOT obey this law?  Here are my guesses since I didn’t get any replies from those not in favor of using a blinker: they may think it is optional and not really necessary, they don’t realize it is the law, they think they have the right of way, and lastly, they think it is a stupid law.

Contrary to what they may think, I believe it is good law because it helps identify which way the driver near you is intending on moving.  It is a form of much needed communication on our roadways for safety reasons.  This communication is needed where ever you live –whether you live in a metropolitan city like I do or in the more rural areas of Iowa where my husband grew up (I was the ‘city’ kid from Iowa).

Similarly, God communicates his desires to us in His Word.  The directions He gives us in His Word are in the form of commandments.  The 10 commandments (Exodus 20) were given to us to obey…they were not listed as the 10 suggestions.  If we don’t obey these laws, there are consequences to not following them.  If we lie to a friend, loved one or co-worker, we lose their trust and it harms the relationship.  It will take a while for that person to trust you, if ever again.  If we steal or murder, then we end up paying a fine or going to jail for several months and even many years.  God has given them to us for our own good because He loves us.  He knows what is best for us even when we don’t know it or understand it.  Even our parents have taught us many things that we don’t understand but it is often for our own good.  God gives us these commandments as well – for safety reasons (like the laws our government has given us to follow on the road to help keep us safe) and to have us be example to those around us.  The new command He gives us to love one another (John 13:34 ) just as He loved us.  The Old Testament commandments keep us in a right relationship with God (commands 1-4) and in relationship with one another (commands 5-10).  The New Testament commandment is also a ‘relationship with others’ commandment but there is an additional requirement.  We are to be an example to others so they can see the Father’s love and they will know that we are His.  This example helps those who are lost find Him for all eternity.

The next time you obey the law and use your blinker…..think about how your obedience to God’s command to love others is reflecting God himself and continue to love on those around you.

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