Have you ever wanted to take something old and make it new?  One of my husband’s favorite TV shows is Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.  They take a dilapidated house, in most cases – a piece of junk, and turn it into a magnificent space that is well decorated and extremely functional for the couples’ living requirements.   Besides their great humor, love for design, and each other, the show is a joy to watch and see how the worn down can be transformed into a new and exciting space for the family to enjoy their own home.

Much like changing and evolving old spaces into new ones, God is in the restoration business.  It is something that He has been doing for centuries.  In the book of Exodus, He helped Moses see how he could get past a fear of speaking to have negotiations with a powerful king (Exodus 6 – 7).  We don’t know what level of help his brother Aaron gave him, but in this restoration journey, Moses moved past that fear and spoke to the Elders and the nation as God helped help him to lead the Israelites through the wilderness. In the New Testament, after Peter’s failure of denying Christ, not one or two but THREE times (Mark 14:30), he turned back to Christ. He was restored as one of His faithful followers who preached the gospel to many people who in turn believed in Christ.  (Acts 2:14-41).

His Plan for His Glory

Recently, I had an unplanned job change that took me out of my specific field of IS Security that I have done for nearly 20 years.  Despite how I feel like an old and dilapidated house in some ways, but God is restoring me. He is changing my heart in working His Plan for His Glory.  Not my plan for my glory.  In the past few months, I have been studying Proverbs with a great group of ladies and reading devotionals that have been challenging.  One such devotional talked about Peter’s restoration.  A quote from this devotional is too good not to share. “Even after failure, Peter, returned to the Lord with a restored heart, stronger, more humble, ready for God to take him somewhere new.” (One on One, 100 days with Jesus: Passion-35 days, www.BarbPeil.com).   God has been changing and restoring me to take me somewhere new.  Re-launching my blog today is part of that new beginning for me.  

Seek Him for your restoration

What are you going to do today to seek out God in restoring your heart and life into something new? He has been waiting for you to come to Him – don’t delay… remember, God’s in the Restoration Business and He can take something worn down and make it beautiful again!


  1. I love how much Peter was restored. He went from being afraid, denying Christ, and running away to boldly proclaiming the gospel and dying a martyr’s death on a cross, upside down. That’s what knowing the risen Christ can do. Glad you’re starting this again.

    1. Amen, Nicole! That is exactly it. He can turn the broken into a whole and beauty from ashes.

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