No, I am am not saying cheers to a certain brand of beer but to an older gentleman friend, that Dave and I have known for years. We attended his funeral today. He had the same love for Village Creek Bible Camp that we do and we had volunteered along side him, off and on throughout the years.

Our “Gang” of friends we hang out with when we go to Family camp at
Village Creek Bible Camp

Bud loved God and others well

The service was beautifully done with many people in attendance. The family and pastors shared about how he used his many talents to volunteer at church and at camp – attending to the facilities, working behind the scenes to ensure things were all working well or replaced. He was also known for greeting each and every person that walked into the door at church. People said they had come to the church and stayed because of Bud and that he truly cared for them. Besides the loving devotion and care he gave his wife for many years who is struggling with Alzheimer’s, he loved his kids unconditionally. And he had such a love for God that he shared his faith with everyone he met. Most recently, he shared God’s love with the doctors, nurses and even the Uber drivers who took him to doctor appointments. He always had a positive attitude about life – even when it was on a day he received bad news about his health.

What’s your legacy?

Bud was a great example of loving the Lord with all of his heart and loving others (Mt. 22:37-39). There are so many blog posts that I could write on all the wonderful things I heard about Bud today and the application to life but I won’t. The only thing I want to challenge you with today is this….what legacy will you leave behind when your days on earth are done? Will your legacy include loving others around you so much that you don’t complain about your circumstances and want others to have the same peace, hope and love of God you have, that you share it with everyone you know so they can be in Heaven with you??

This is truly a challenge for me as well – as I am not as open about sharing God’s love with others as Bud was. Many of the things we value in this world and chase after have no value–we can’t take them with us and most ‘great’ achievements will be forgotten. Let’s be more intentional about sharing Christ with others and leaving a legacy that has eternal value.

Thanks, Bud, for being a great example of truly loving others well and ensuring that each person you met, needed to know about God.

Here’s to you, Bud!

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