Yep, I failed. I blogged about choosing your attitude and make it one of positivity. And what did I do the next day? I failed at keeping my attitude positive the whole day. I was at a conference for the past couple of days. By the end of yesterday, I was discouraged. Why? I was frustrated by a couple of the sessions and not feeling adequate enough to be there. I had been to one session that was way over my head and then I talked myself into a crabby attitude. It took the evening’s workout with a song about forgive and let go and some prayer to get me back on track.

Lessons learned forward – Don’t blame backward

Then, today, I had all kinds of reminders about learning from the past and moving forward. My devotional this morning was again about choosing your attitude in response to the circumstances. And then, the very first speaker of the day was talking about a technical topic but her summary could really apply to most anything. She said something like ‘take your lessons learned forward not blame backward.’ Wow–almost everything in her summary could be applied to other lessons in our daily life! And then the last speaker I listened to today was talking about all his failures and what he has learned from them. God was speaking to me all day and even through people who may not be believers!

Forget what’s behind, strain forward

With each of these messages coming my way, I began thinking about two things:

  1. Paul reminded us to forget what’s behind and strain forward to what lies ahead. Then pressing toward the goal for the prize for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:13-14). Paul was talking about Christian maturity and how he was still growing. He needed to forget what was behind and move ahead to win the prize that he will receive when he reaches heaven.
  2. We need to forget about the failures in our past and move forward. I thought I’d call it ‘failing forward.’ When we have a set back or ‘failure’ and instead of falling backwards, we should fall forward. But the falling forward is a good thing. Falling into a new plan or new path. Going back and re-hashing the past and all the “should-a, could-a, and would-a’s” won’t change the past. It is over and done with. What can be learned from the ‘failure’ and move forward into the future?

These lessons learned help us improve and hopefully grow to maturity in our walk with Christ. What can you ‘fail forward’ from and become a more mature you?

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