Welcome to my blog, Refreshing Hearts!

For many years, I ministered with the youth at our church and then turned my focus to ministering to the ladies and moms behind the youth.  As a busy mom, balancing home, work and volunteering, I knew that there were other women like me trying to balance it all and dealing with life issues too.  In whatever stage of life, women and men are hurting and looking for hope.  That hope, I believe, is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.     It is my hope and prayer that through God’s Word & His work through me, your heart will be refreshed and encouraged as you read the blogs about various topics that I have written.


  1. Just found this blog and it really looks interesting. Will visit it again soon. I am deeply wounded and recovering from very difficult personal experiences right now. I am a believer and Christ gives me strength each day to take one day at a time and truly “live in the present of today”.

    1. I will try to get on more soon & add more encouragement. Life has been busy and stressful at work. Thanks for stopping by! In the meantime- here’s a prayer for you:
      Lord- you know the pain that this dear one is going through. I ask for your comfort, your peace that passes ALL understanding and your loving arms to hold her close during this time of recovery. Amen. take care! Cindy

    2. Cynthia,
      You had commented on my blog about 6 years ago. Many years have gone by and I am finally back to writing and on a more frequent basis. My blog was relaunched on 5/4/19. If you are interested, check it out: https://refreshinghearts.blog.

      If you are no longer interested, please forgive the intrusion and thanks for your interest previously. Blessings, Cindy

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