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I have not been blogging recently and many of you may have not noticed or cared. I don’t say that to get attention or make you join my pity party. I say it mostly because blogging really is ‘practicing’ writing and doing it whether no one cares should be fine. Since I am an over-achiever at times and WANT to do well in everything…I am disappointed when I don’t get the gold star, the A, the accolades of ‘well done’ OR in this case, # of hits on my blog post. Why is that so important? Our society has placed the importance of going over and above, looking out for #1 and doing ‘it’ to make you look important, achieving the A’s on the test or top of the class. So why are these things important to me? I think several things come to my mind. 1) I was trained as a kid in our culture to look out for #1 and ACHIEVE! Now getting A’s is not all that bad and in fact, I even encouraged my children (ok, STRESSED!) the importance of getting A’s and B’s in school. Why? Because good grades mean more scholarship monies for college AND most importantly–I knew that they could do it…that they were above average students. 2) I am definitely your typical Type A ‘first born’ kid. I take charge in group discussions because no one wants to be responsible and get it done. I see a task and want to complete it so I can get onto the next thing. And of course, in the midst of this discussion group/project for the class, is that I want the A grade & don’t want everyone’s non-participation to take me down! 3) This last one is the hardest to admit…I am selfishly doing this to see how many hits I can get and get awareness out for me to speak more about the truths God’s Word speaks about. I can put out the sinful nature disclaimer but I might as well call it what it is….I think I need to make myself feel or be important.  Now, it is good that I want to speak more about God’s truth, BUT, it should be done to glorify HIM and ONLY HIM!  Not me.  God does not CARE about hits on a blog and likely doesn’t care much about me writing a blog.  What He does care about is me doing it to Glory Him and NO ONE ELSE.

If I am going to do this right, I need to do a ‘disppearing act’ (not for the 5 months of non-blogging, of course!). Jesus said in John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less.”

In blogging, the focus NEEDS to be on Christ and not on me.  Essentially, I need to disppear into the back ground and God shoud appear in the forefront.  It is not that achieving should be down played, we need to acheive and do well (get those A’s for better scholarships, do well at a task at work to improve your pay, get promoted, etc.)..but the point I am trying to make is what we do is not for our benefit but to bring Glory to God.  In Matthew 5, one of my favorite verses talks about this.  “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (5:16).  We are to be salt and light to the world in our deeds and bring glory to God.  By doing so, we lead others to Him and that truly is what the work on the Cross was meant to do.

I am hoping that I will continue blogging more but I can’t guarantee that I won’t ‘disappear’. 🙂

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It it always interesting to me when a Scripture verse keeps crossing my path in the same week.  Is God trying to tell me something?  Yep, I think so.  This past week I have had this verse come my way a couple times:

Matthew 16:24-25

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”

So what does it mean?  For our 21st century minds, it is hard for us to comprehend dying on the cross. (Thanks to my Sunday School teacher – Ken for that thot!).  And the setting in which Jesus said this to his disciples, there were crucifixions but Jesus had not died yet so to even think of their Lord being on the cross was just not even possible.  That is what Peter said to Jesus in verse 22…’this shall never happen to you, Lord!” Then Jesus rebuked him as Satan and went on to talk about picking up our crosses and denying ourselves.  So for us today, this scripture can have a different meaning than seeing ourselves hanging on a cross (although we do deserve it!).  I think this verse is more about us denying ourselves and making our lives about Christ.  Each day, we need to give up those things that are taking us away from the righteous kind of life that God desires for us.  Whether it is money, striving for that job at the top of the ladder, wanting your kid to be the BEST on the team/choir/band (you get the point), a size x (you pick the #) dress that you can wear, a hot car, or the coolest house on the block….all these things if they are not put in the proper perspective can take our focus off of Christ.  The part that is the hardest about this…is the daily dying to self.  Sometimes we really LIKE or LOVE some of those things in our lives!  And other things we hold onto — anger, pride, playing the victim, worry, gambling, sex, alcohol, being in control and doing your own will,  etc., would be too hard to let them go and follow the path of giving them up.  The part that we often forget and need to realize is that when we choose to give these things up, we find a freedom and peace that is far worth keeping than any of these other things.  In sports you often hear – no pain, no gain.  It is very similar to this here.  In order to get to that end goal, whether it is exercise, losing weight or giving up an area in our lives, our crosses, it will take some hard work and pain to get there.  But  you will find…that it will be worth it.  You will find your life (vs 25)!

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